Our purpose is to provide the highest quality medical content and tools to medical professionals and patients.

Medicom Conference Portal

Medicom’s Conference Portal provides registered physicians with the latest medical news. The platform ensures broad and meaningful engagement with physicians of all specialties and offers highly measurable return on investment. Channels within this portal include:

  • 34 different medical newsletters
  • Congress dossiers with daily news from the international medical congresses
  • Medical Conference highlights and selected scientific literature, categorised per disease area
  • Independent eCME modules
  • E-direct mails

Medicom Conference Reports

Our peer-reviewed reports provide a compelling service to your target physicians and are excellent enduring references of key outcomes from the  congresses.

  • 16-24 pages, customised, peer-reviewed report on the most impactful presentations from international medical congresses
  • Content selection is guided by the medical Editor in collaboration with the independent, international advisory board of Medicom Medical Publishers
  • Features top research, key findings, updated guidelines, and late breaking clinical trials
  • Print edition is directly mailed to the target audience
  • Express publication, approx. 8-10 weeks after congress
  • Possibility to advertise in a series of reports, for instance all cardiology (i.e. ACC, ESC HFA, AHA) or oncology reports (i.e. ASCO, ESMO)

Academic Journals

Medicom is the official partner for several leading international medical journals. Throughout the year we publish local editions of renowned medical journals including:

  • American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine (AJRCCM)
    Editions: 12 times a year in print | Reach: Pulmonologists | Impact factor: 12.118, ranking 1st in Respiratory Journals
  • Arthritis & Rheumatology (A&R)
    Editions: 12 times a year in print | Reach: Rheumatologists | Impact factor: 8.955, ranking 2nd in Rheumatology Journals
  • Heart
    Editions:12 times a year in print | Reach: Cardiologists | Impact factor: 5.693
  • GUT + Gastroenterology and Hepatology (CGH)
    Editions: (GUT+GE+CGH, compendium): 12 times a year in print | Reach: Gastroenterologists | Impact factor: 14.921 GUT, 18.187 Gastroenterology, 7.680 CGH
  • The Lancet Oncology (TLO)
    Editions: 12 times a year in print | Reach: Clinical and thoracic oncologists | Impact factor: 24.725, ranking 3rd of all 202 Oncology Journals worldwide
  • Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma & Leukemia
    Editions: 12 times a year in print | Reach: Haematologists | Impact factor: 2.559

Custom content

For each congress, we can generate custom content on request, making use of our medical writers, video crew, and editorial team.

Content can be KOL interviews, coverage of satellite symposia, selected posters, expert meetings, eCME etc. Media can be video, podcast and/or text. Please contact us for a specific proposal.

This custom content can be promoted through multiple channels such as Conference Reports and Journals, online on Medicom's Conference Platform, or you own distribution channels.

Visual content

In partnership with ec-europe, we offer medical illustrations. These medical illustrations can be accessed through mobile health apps and online services to help medical professionals visually explain anatomy, conditions, procedures and concepts to patients in order to improve their understanding, adherence, and quality of care.

Examples include:

  • Mini atlasses
  • Poster maker apps
  • Tear pads and tear pad maker apps
  • Flipchart maker apps


Content Ed Net Medicom B.V. is an independent, dedicated third-party reprints supplier for the Benelux and Scandinavia and company of the Content Ed Net Group, the leading supplier of reprints around the globe.

We aim to combine the best elements of global scale with local presence. Content Ed Net B.V. can provide you with reprints and e-prints of almost every scientific publication and can assist in aggregating orders.

MediContent is a free literature alert service of Content Ed Net Medicom B.V. Registered persons will receive e-mail alerts for new publications in their specific fields of interest.

For more information contact Judith Breijer at